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Make your own custom LEDs using hot glue!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Tired of using the same old plastic LEDs in your projects? It’s time to grab a hot glue gun and some confectionary moulds to create your own custom LEDs! Blinky LEDs! Lighting up an LED is the standard first step into the world of digital making with a Raspberry Pi. For example, at our two-day […]

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DATENCHECK: Prüfe nach ob auch deine Daten von Facebook verkauft wurden!

Reading Time: < 1 minute HOW TO CHECK IF CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA COULD ACCESS YOUR FACEBOOK DATA!   IN 2014, A researcher named Alexander Kogan created a personality quiz that 270,000 Facebook users would go on to install. From those downloads alone, he was able to harvest the personal information of up to 87 million people, according to Facebook’s most recent estimate. He then passed […]

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Reading Time: 3 minutes SO SCHALTEST DU NOCH MEHR NETFLIX FILME UND SERIEN FREI Netflix arbeitet mit sogenannten Ordnern – und für jedes Genre gibt es einen Unterordner. Die Ordner sind jeweils mit einzelnen Zahlencodes versehen. So findest du zum Beispiel „Classic Comedies“ unter der Nummer 31694. Willst du also zum Beispiel eine klassische Komödie schauen, musst du in die URL folgendes eingeben: Das […]

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Raspberry Pi Server , with LED Display videoplayback test

Reading Time: < 1 minute   Raspberry Pi Server , with LED Display videoplayback test

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PS4 Linux. Steam + Emulators + office out of the box Instructions Inside !!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Good News for those that having been keeping their PlayStation 4 consoles at a low firmware level, as now its even more simple to get your PS4 up and running a complete Linux setup, thanks to the hard-efforts of D-ecks to put together a nice ‘distro’ for all to enjoy! Current version – 0.1.1 Pre-configured […]

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STAR WARS Battlefront Extreme Graphics – SweetFX mod – Gameplay PC

Reading Time: < 1 minute Star Wars: Battlefront has been out just under a week, but there are already plenty of mods out for the game, including one that enhances the game’s graphics beyond what many thought possible. One such example comes from Martin Bergman, who applied his Toddyhancer graphics mod that includes reshade shaders, enhanced natural bloom and other […]

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British Spies Attacked Anonymous Hackers, Snowden Docs Show

Reading Time: 2 minutes ecret British spy unit created to mount cyber attacks on Britain’s enemies has waged war on the hacktivists of Anonymous and LulzSec, according to documents taken from the National Security Agency by Edward Snowden and obtained by NBC News. The blunt instrument the spy unit used to target hackers, however, also interrupted the web communications […]

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RUMOR: Playstation 4 hacked in only 5 days?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Here’s part of the pastebin detailing the process that Reckz0r wrote: I have been away for a while, so my question to you is; did you miss me? I am aware that ya’ll were all thirsty for a cup of a fine Reckz0r release, so here I am…with a fine fuckin’ glass of a RECKZ0R […]

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TX already looking deeply at Xbox One BD-ROM drive

Reading Time: < 1 minute It only been less then 24 hours since the Xbox One has launched and already groups like Team-Xecuter are already working on ripping it apart so you can enjoy those nice underground goodies! From the label in the picture above we can see it is clearly still a Lite-On drive, this time around of course […]

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How to make a DVB-T Pirate Channel – COFDM mdoulator transmitter generator for HDMI / CVBS video source

Reading Time: 2 minutes This machine is called DVB-T COFDM mdoulator transmitter generator ( DVB-T COFDM transmitter box) This box  take HDMI / CVBS as video source and modulate it become DVB-T UHF signal. If your HDMI /CVBS video source connect into this DVB-T transmitter, your DVB-T receiver will receive this signal within 50~ 100m It take HDMI / […]

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Watch 100.000 EURO Hack Film – Best Campaign about Cybercrime ever seen!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Those 2 Videos blow our mind when we saw them, the first seems to be a new commercial against cyber crime in the netherlands:   And here are are also the making of and explanation:   Official Source: