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PS4 Linux. Steam + Emulators + office out of the box Instructions Inside !!

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Good News for those that having been keeping their PlayStation 4 consoles at a low firmware level, as now its even more simple to get your PS4 up and running a complete Linux setup, thanks to the hard-efforts of D-ecks to put together a nice ‚distro‘ for all to enjoy!

Current version – 0.1.1

Pre-configured linux distro, based on Fedora 23 with kernel patches from Fail0verflow team.
Uses OsirisX’s works (3d acc., steam).

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  • PS4 with 1.76 FW
  • USB flash drive 8GB+
  • Any internet connection
  • USB keyboard/mouse
  • USB hub (optional)



  1. Download and unpack the image (How to Download Torrents Using uTorrent)
  2. Use a program that can write dd-images. My choice is rufus.
  3. Use settings as pictured below

Locate PS4Linux_0.1.1.img and press Start


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  1. Insert prepared usb stick into your ps4 and use Magic DNS (fastest) or any other way to boot linux.
  2. All done. Password for root and ps4 is 1
  3. Also, you can boot this distro on PC as any other live usb (F8 when boot logo appears).

Known problems:

  • Wifi and BT doesn’t work
  • No Sound
  • No ethernet

Installing games and programs:

  • Boot prepared usb stick as any other Linux LiveUSB on your PC
  • Configure Internet connection
  • Update Steam
  • Download and install anything you want (even wine)

Download Mirror Links and Source:

That’s all its to it folks, stay tuned for more info and tutorial on how it all works, in the meantime check out the News Source links for more info and updated support, and please make sure to thank the author for his work if you end up using it on your PS4 console.

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