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How to make a DVB-T Pirate Channel – COFDM mdoulator transmitter generator for HDMI / CVBS video source
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This machine is called DVB-T COFDM mdoulator transmitter generator ( DVB-T COFDM transmitter box)

This box  take HDMI / CVBS as video source and modulate it become DVB-T UHF signal.

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If your HDMI /CVBS video source connect into this DVB-T transmitter, your DVB-T receiver will receive this signal within 50~ 100m


It take HDMI / CVBS (composite) as video source.



I use TOSHIBA win 7 NB as HDMI output and this HDMI output connect  into DVB-T transmitter as video source.

At this time, HDMI will be live broadcast by DVB-T UHF frequency.

The set-top box from TV  of antenna will receive the DVB-T “ FBBON channel“ and then demodulate become HDMI signal.

TV will display the HDMI signal from  DVB-T RX box.



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The default channel of FEBON DVB-T transmitter is 521 Mhz UHF.

It is very easy to setup.

You just only give this machine HDMI or CVBS signal.

it will auto modulate into DVB-T 521MHZ.

Your DVB-T RX box just to scan 521 mhz.

You will easily to see the video  by wireless DVB-T transmission.

Not only HDMI but also CVBS can be as video source.

FEBON DVB-T transmitter will auto detect HDMI or CVBS.

If you connect HDMI video source, it will modulate it become H.264 video stream.

If you conncect CVBS video source, it will modulate it become MPEG-2 video stream.

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