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TX already looking deeply at Xbox One BD-ROM drive

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It only been less then 24 hours since the Xbox One has launched and already groups like Team-Xecuter are already working on ripping it apart so you can enjoy those nice underground goodies!

From the label in the picture above we can see it is clearly still a Lite-On drive, this time around of course it is BD-ROM and model number DG-6M1S and currently at firmware v3253 on h/w 070D and made in Oct. 2013.

But from the next picture we can clearly see that main IC is no longer a mediatek silicon, but a Microsoft stamped die with its own part number, along with a TI driver chip for laser with nice big cable:


But all is not lost, as we got this good news and another picture to share from TX:

The X-Ray machine has been deployed. Now to put the acid gloves on.


Official Source: http://www.360crunch.net/forum/threads/4656-TX-already-starting-on-the-Xbox-1


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