Scientists Discover Largest Cosmic Explosion Ever, Gamma Ray Bursts 3.7-Billion Light Years Into Space

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Scientists have observed the largest and brightest cosmic explosion ever.


Astronomers have called the gamma ray burst ‘the monster’ because it created five times more energy than the largest, captured 3.7 billion light years away. This single burst created five times more energy than the largest previously-known blast and if it had been closer to Earth, our planet could have been destroyed.

Here’s what The Daily Mail has to report: “The burst is said to have flooded Nasa monitoring instruments with five times the energy of its nearest competitor, a 1999 blast, said University of Alabama at Huntsville astrophysicist Rob Preece, author of one of the studies. It started with a star that had 20 to 30 times the mass of our sun but was only a couple of times wider, meaning it was incredibly dense.

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