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XB1 Launch: Faulty drives, scratched cases, and misplaced test discs

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Xbox One launched today, and that’s right, more faulty Xbox One consoles have made it to retail.

The biggest hardware problem so far seems to be faulty Blu-ray drives as you can see on the videos below, but other issues are also present, like scratches on the console’s casing. One gamer even got an -obviously misplaced- MTE Test Disc!


Some new owners are getting their Xbox One home to find the Blu-ray drive makes a terrible noise and doesn’t read game discs. Multiple videos have appeared on YouTube demonstrating the problem.

More evidence of a lack of quality control can be seen from images of the Xbox One casing. The new console is being unwrapped only to find multiple scratches on the casing. These range from long scratch marks to small chunks of plastic missing, as well as damage along the edges above the ports on the back and down the sides of the machine. Such damage won’t stop the Xbox One working, but is unacceptable on a brand new, $500 purchase.

Both the faulty disc drives and case scratches are going to be very frustrating for anyone suffering with them. They require you return the unit for a replacement, but it’s launch day and therefore very unlikely a replacement will be available. Even if one is, you could be waiting in line to get one, or worse, need to ship the console back to an e-tailer.

On a lighter note, one gamer opened his Xbox One disc drive to find a surprise inclusion: a Microsoft MTE Test Disc marked “Confidential.” Some investigation revealed the disc to be used for stress testing the console. It won’t load in the machine unless it is first hooked up to another testing device, which only Microsoft has access to. Still, work is underway to pull the ISO off the disc and share it with everyone to see if it contains anything interesting.


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