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A Lifetime In 60 Seconds

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If there’s one thing skin care ads aren’t famous for, it’s honesty. A Norwegian pharmacy is doing away with all the airbrushing and editing for their latest campaign, however, and they’ve produced a poignant video that shows ‘getting older’ in a new light.

‘A Lifetime in 60 Seconds,’ a collaborative project between Vitus Apotek and ad agency T/A Pol, is a frank and unfiltered look at how our skin ages over time, and the importance of both caring for it and loving it. Women and girls from ages 0 to 100, of all colors, shapes, and sizes were filmed and arranged in chronological order, illustrating the many ways beauty evolves just like wisdom and character.

- Werbung -
- Werbung -

“We’re not doing any retouching. We’re going to let people be what they are… it’s a really refreshing take on showing the human body just the way it is,” ad photographer Pål Laukli said of the project in a behind-the-scenes video.

Scroll down to see life flash before your eyes in a brief minute, then let us know what you think of this advertising approach in the comments.

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See all 100 years of beauty here:

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