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Win a Monoprice Maker Ultimate and 3x Spools of MatterHackers PRO Filament!

It’s the season of giving, so why not give yourself the chance to win a brand new Monoprice Maker Ultimate and 3 spools of MatterHackers PRO filament.

We’re continuing our giveaway bonanza this week with the Monoprice Maker Ultimate. It comes pre-assembled and tooled up with an all metal frame, anti-jam feed mechanism and a 200 x 200 x 175mm heated build platform.

Capable of high-resolution prints (the paperwork states 0.02mm layer heights), it should be just the thing to get you printing long into 2018.

Not only that, we’re including three spools of MatterHackers PRO series filament. And the best thing, the winner can  choose exactly which filaments they receive from the range.

Big thanks to Monoprice and MatterHackers for partnering with All3DP to make this giveaway possible.

Win a Monoprice Maker Ultimate & 3 Spools MatterHackers PRO filament

Monoprice Maker Ultimate + 3 Spools of Matterhackers PRO filament

*Note: a previous version of this post listed only the Monoprice Maker Ultimate as the prize. It’s actually better than that, with 3 spools of MatterHackers PRO series filament up for grabs too. Our apologies for the mistake.*

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