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Monoprice Reveals Multiple New 3D Printers at CES

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US electronics retailer Monoprice has revealed details about multiple new 3D printers it will be adding to its lineup in 2018. Headlining the new crew is the Monoprice Delta Pro.

They say when it rains, it pours. So grab an umbrella, because Monoprice has brought a deluge of new 3D printers to the Consumer Electronics Show for us to feast our eyes on.

Alongside the likes of smart plugs, Thunderbolt docking stations and other home and office peripherals, the electronics retailer unveiled the MP Delta Pro, the MP Select Mini V3 and UV resin 3D printers.

Notice that little “s” at the end there? That’s right, Monoprice are bringing not one, but two SLA/DLP 3D printers out this year, which marks a step change over the brand’s up-to-now exclusively FDM offerings.

Despite this exciting revelation, the company cites the Delta Pro as the highlight of its show.

Monoprice CES stand
The new lineup of Monoprice 3D printers.

CES Keeps on Giving

In a release, Monoprice states the Delta Pro has a 270 x 320mm build volume, silent drivers, touchscreen, auto bed leveling and Wifi connectivity.

Further to this, a spec sheet sent to All3DP confirms the Delta Pro will also come with a brass 0.4mm nozzle on a hot end operating between 160 – 270 degrees Celsius and will be capable of layer resolutions as fine as 0.05mm.

The Delta Pro will also feature a heated bed with an operational range of 50 – 110 degrees Celsius.

Perhaps most intriguing for us is the addition of resin-based 3D printers to the Monoprice lineup. In an image of the new machines lined at CES, we see a large and small machine. The smaller of the two appears to be a rebadge of the Wanhao D7 plus.

Wanhao’s D7 plus is a DLP 3D printer capable of 0.004mm layer heights, with a print volume of 121 x 69 x 180mm. We expect Monoprice’s version to mirror this. Pictured alongside is a much larger resin machine that we don’t recognize or have further details on.

In addition the company unveiled a version upgrade of its popular Select Mini 3D printer. It now packs an auto-leveling bed and touchscreen display.  Not mentioned in the release is the news that the Maker Select will also see an upgrade to version 3, too.

A busy start to the year for Monoprice then. We’re looking forward to bringing you our full impressions of the new machines later in the year.

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