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Monoprice Select Mini – 7 Tips for Better Prints

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Two weeks of use with the Monoprice, you may find that the extruder nozzle gets clogged. This is very easy to fix, however. All you need to do is remove the nozzle and soak it in acetone for several days. To remove the nozzle; first, make sure any filament is out of the printer, then heat the printer up to 200 degrees. Once the printer is heated, twist off the nozzle with pliers.

Once you’ve finished soaking the nozzle, dry it and then twist it back on (you do not need to heat the printer to reattach the nozzle). Lastly, relevel the bed.

It is highly recommended to buy an extra nozzle to use while cleaning the old one. You can get them here or at Amazon. Note that the nozzle in the first link is .35 mm, while the old one was 4 mm; it’s fairly simple to adjust this in Cura.

A clogged nozzle will result in the printer making a “thump” noise every fifteen seconds, and the filament will come out at a lesser flow. You can tell if you have a clog by extruding filament from the move menu while heated up. If it curls, you have a clog.

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