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Welcome to Driftwood

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Welcome to Driftwood! 


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Today Vive’s Creative Labs team, creators of the popular Vive Video, is releasing a new SteamVR Home experience that brings your own personal Vive outpost to the VR world.  Based on the real world beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Driftwood transports you to an interactive and social world where you can explore a beautifully detailed beach environment, spot indigenous flora and faunaorganize your trophies inside your own Vive travel pod, and invite friends over to your own social lobby.

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“Since SteamVR Home launched, we’ve wanted Vive owners to have a place to call their own,” said Drew Bamford, head of Vive Creative Labs.  “We’ve merged the remote feel of a private outpost, with a beachfront landscape that is  reminiscent of our backyard in the Pacific Northwest.  Over time, we’ll evolve Driftwood to add new elements including quests, mini-games and other unlockables and collectibles from Vive Creative Labs to share with friends.”

To install Driftwood, go to the Steam Community panel, locate “Driftwood “ by HTC Vive and hit “Subscribe”. The Driftwood environment can also become your default load-in as you launch SteamVR by selecting it as your Home. 

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Start exploring Driftwood with friends today! 

Website: LINK

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