Star Wars Battlefront VR Experience Coming Exclusively to PSVR

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At Sony’s Playstation VR event today at GDC, the company announced that a version of the popular Star Wars Battlefront series would be coming “exclusively to PSVR.”

At the event, Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO Andrew House was careful not to call it a full version of the game in VR, dubbing it an “experience/title” that will be developed around the franchise by Lucasfilm and EA.

Earlier last year DICE, the developers behind Star Wars Battlefront, announced that they were bringing their Frostbite engine into VR. It is unknown at this time if that engine and it’s VR creation tools will be used to help create the experience.

Bringing Star Wars officially and exclusively to VR is a big coupe for Sony and their $399 headset. With ILMxLabs announcing a Star Wars experience for the HTC Vive, the Oculus platform is the only remaining one without an official Star Wars VR experience (unless you count theStar Wars 360 Facebook video). We will see if that changes in the near future.


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