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PSN Down: PlayStation Network Is Having Problems On PS4

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PlayStation 4 owners may be dismayed to learn that the PlayStation Network (PSN) is currently down. Many are currently unable to connect, with the network experiencing widespread outages in conjunction with its gaming and social features. It is worth mentioning, however, that not every one is affected. At the time of this writing, it is unknown when this issue will be resolved.

It appears the crux of the issue revolves around Account Management, Gaming, and Social. PlayStation Now, Video, Vue, Music, and Store were all previously down for a short minute but have since been restored. However, it isn’t just down for the PS4, as the online functionality of the PS Vita, PS3, and certain web features are also down. It is worth mentioning that PlayStation is well aware of the issue and currently investigating it.

Still, it could be down for a number of minutes or even hours. Those who check the Gaming and Social category are met with the following message: “You may have some difficulty launching games, applications, or online features. Our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience.”

In other words, PlayStation appears to be doing all it can to get the online service back up, but despite the recent issues with PlayStation, it still moves forward. Many were likely excited when Sony unveiled the PlayStation Network Name Change system that is set to occur early next year, with a beta beginning soon.

Nevertheless, it is bad timing, as many players have recently experienced consoles getting temporarily bricked due to a recent message bug. While it was rather widespread, it was not all-encompassing like the current issues with PlayStation’s online functionality. Regardless, the message bug has been fixed, but now, PlayStation Network is down.

PlayStation Network is currently down without indication as to when it will be resolved.

Source: PSN Status Page

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