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PS4 Game Deals This Week On The PlayStation Store In The US

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Last week’s PSN sale was massive, but now that it’s gone two new sales have taken its place. One is PS Plus Specials, which offers big discounts on games exclusively for PlayStation Plus members. The other is a publisher sale that temporarily brings down the prices of Rockstar’s games. Let’s dive in and see what games are discounted between now and September 4.

You don’t need a PS Plus membership to take advantage of this weeks’ Rockstar deals. Grand Theft Auto V, which is often on sale nowadays, is down to the particularly low price of $20. If you’re nostalgic for the PS2 days, you can pick up the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy for $18, or grab any of the games individually for $9 each. Also $9 are Bully and the decidedly more violent game Manhunt.

As for the PS Plus Specials, you’ll find plenty of recommendable games on the discounted list. Monster Hunter World is down to $36 this week, while Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch: Legendary Edition will only set you back $30. Prospective city planners can pick up Cities: Skylines for $20, and those interested in space exploration can grab Mass Effect: Andromeda for $7.50.

You can find more picks below, or head to Sony’s deals page to find more PS4 game discounts, along with a selection of PS3 and PS Vita deals as well.

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