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PlayStation Finally Fixes Baffling PSN Search Bar

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Sony is finally rolling out a better way to search for content on the PlayStation Network.

Some IGN PS4 owners have noticed a revised search function while browsing the store, which means Sony is finally addressing an issue many fans have had since they first brought their consoles home.

The new search function incorporates the same virtual keyboard PS4 owners have used to enter credit card information or search for friends on the PSN for years.

In addition to creating a faster search tool, users will enjoy expanded functionality, as the tool can be used to search for games by name as well as by genre, studio, or even publisher.

The old scrolling search bar is still appearing for many players, and it is unclear when Sony plans to roll the update out to all PS4 owners. Polygon reports players allegedly in the new PlayStation firmware beta are also able to see the update, so the update may end up being part of the upcoming PlayStation firmware update 6.0.

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