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PlayStation 5 Could Be Set For A Shock 2019 Launch

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According to a post on Resetera, the platform holder is currently hiring for its next-gen PlayStation (via VG247).

The company is looking for a senior product manager to “own the roadmap for next generation PlayStation campaign”.

“At PlayStation we are working at the frontiers of immersive experiences for our users,” the ad reads.

“We are looking for an entrepreneurial Product Lead to join our Intelligence Platform Group.

“As part of this hands-on position you would work across Partners, Product and Engineering and contribute to development and growth of PlayStation Intelligence Platform. You will own the roadmap for next generation PlayStation campaign.”

The article speculates that similar hires are generally made 12-15 months before a product launch, which would put the release date in late 2019 or early 2020.

And that’s not the only Sony job advert to reference the next generation of consoles.

A senior software engineer will be repsonisble for designing an intelligence platform that’s “central to powering of next generation user facing features”.

The post reads: “Design and develop intelligence platform that’s central to powering of next generation user facing features, keeping a close eye on performance, and ease of operation and maintenance while fully understanding the tradeoffs required.

“Execute full lifecycle software development by owning architecting, technology selection, operational feasibility, scalability, cost efficiency, testability and monitoring capability,” the ad continues.

The timing is interesting, because Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida recently told Financial Times that “it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware”.

The PS5 release date is the subject of much debate, as conflicting reports emerge of a potential PlayStation 5 launch.

The general consensus is that the PS5 will launch in 2020. That’s according to analysts like Michael Pachter, who argues that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X 2 are likely to have 2020 release dates.

However, another report on SemiAccurate suggests that PlayStation 5 dev kits are already in the hands of developers and that the PS5 could have a shock 2018 release date.

Defiance 2050 producer Matt Pettit, on the other hand, believes that the current console generation will last longer than the previous one. This would lead to a 2020/2021 release date.

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