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Did a PlayStation VR Game Reveal the PS5 Controller?

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We’re hearing all kinds of speculation about the PlayStation 5 as of late, even though Sony still has yet to officially reveal what the console has in store. However, a few people over at this Resetera thread believe we may have caught a first glimpse of what the system’s controller, aka the DualShock 5, could look like.

The group discusses a recently released PlayStation VR game called Astro Bot Rescue Mission, which is available both at retailers and online for $39.99. In it, at one point during the game, your PlayStation 4 controller undergoes a change into a virtual controller, one with built-in lights and other little features. They make note, “Now having lights and several colors all over it isn’t realistic, but there are some things that I wonder if it’s a hint at the DS5 (DualShock 5). I wouldn’t be surprised if it has concepts brought forth by Sony for minor improvements.”

They then go on to say, “They’ve removed the bumpers R1/L1 and if you flip the controller over you see two buttons where your middle fingers rest which would make it so you could press both R1/R2 and L1/L2 without having two fingers at the top like a claw. Which I’d have to try but this seems like a good idea.”

There are some possible ideas here that could go into play with the DualShock improvement, particularly with the trigger buttons. However, it’s just too soon to tell at this point. While a controller with built-in lights would sound nifty, it would also possibly result in it running out power more quickly than usual. The sleek design isn’t too bad, though.

Sony, as expected, hasn’t said a word about the DualShock design, so it’s up in the air whether this is even in the realm of possibility. More than likely, we’ll have to wait until at least sometime next year until we see what the PlayStation 5 — and its controller — look like.

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