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Geek Builds Imperial Star Destroyer Drone!

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Geek and Star Wars fanatic Olivier C from France specializes in building custom housing for quadcopters that become the awesome “Star Wars” drones – like TIE Fighter – you’ve been looking for. For this latest project, he’s built an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and in the video above, you’ll see test flights of it soaring above the skies of Southern France, complete with custom LED lights perfect for night missions.

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► GEAR :
A quadcopter : Prophecy 335 (custom frame, carbon and aluminium)
Motors : T-Motors 2208-18 1100kV
Speed controllers : T-Motors T30A
Propellers : HQprop 8×4.5SF
Battery: LiPo 4S-1800mAh
Flight controller : Naza v1
Radio system : Futaba 14SG, receiver FrSky TFR6
Ground camera : Gopro 4 Silver 1080p-50
Weights :
– Quad + battery : 810gr
– Imperial Star Destroyer : 360gr

Parts are provided by :

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