RC X-Wing – Prototype, first flight

Reading Time: < 1 minutes [mbYTPlayer url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXUdh_OidLs” opacity=”.5″ quality=”medium” ratio=”auto” isinline=”false” showcontrols=”false” realfullscreen=”true” printurl=”true” autoplay=”true” mute=”true” loop=”true” addraster=”true” stopmovieonblur=”false” gaTrack=”false”] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXUdh_OidLs Drone enthusiast and Star Wars fan Olivier C is back at it again, and this T-70 X-Wing quadcopter drone is his latest project. Since you can’t really find X-Wing toys of this size in stores, he started with a…… Continue reading RC X-Wing – Prototype, first flight

Syma’s X5C-1 Drone Review Video

Reading Time: < 1 minutes This Syma X5C-1 bundle includes the quadcopter drone itself, along with a 2GB memory card, 3 extra batteries, 4 additional propellers and even a memory card reader, all for just $56.49 shipped. Similar to its predecessor, this updated model has an HD camera, LED lights for night flights, along with a true 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi antenna,…… Continue reading Syma’s X5C-1 Drone Review Video

Geek Builds Imperial Star Destroyer Drone!

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Geek and Star Wars fanatic Olivier C from France specializes in building custom housing for quadcopters that become the awesome “Star Wars” drones – like TIE Fighter – you’ve been looking for. For this latest project, he’s built an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and in the video above, you’ll see test flights of it soaring above…… Continue reading Geek Builds Imperial Star Destroyer Drone!

Millennium Falcon Drone spotted!

Reading Time: < 1 minutes What does a Star Wars fan do when there are no Millennium Falcon quadcopter drones in stores?   Make one from scratch of course. Drone enthusiast Olivier C started with a custom drone body, cut the basic shape of the falcon from expanded polystyrene insulation foam, installed a rectangular antenna to match the one on…… Continue reading Millennium Falcon Drone spotted!

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