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Fortnite’s Countdown Lead To A Tear In The Sky

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We’ve been seeing Fortnite’s countdown tick for a while now, and it finally hit zero. Today’s event was the launch of the rocket in Anarchy Acres, and it’s left a tear in the sky.

Fortnite’s countdown was to a one-time event, a rocket launch. We’ve speculated that it might have something to do with Season 5. Season 4 began in a similar way with the impact of the meteor, and so far, we know Season 5 has been teased with a mysterious siren.

If you missed the event today, it went like this: The rocket launched from the evil lair in Anarchy Acres and into the sky. Lasers honed in on Titled Towers, and it looked like it was going to destroy the location, but instead it hit what appeared to be an invisible shield or portal. The rocket disappeared and then reappeared nearby and spun out of control. It then shot back up towards the sky, and created the “rip” in the sky that can now be seen on the map.

At this time, we’re not sure what this means, or what the electrical charges (seen above) could be. But, there’s a ton of other things happening in the world of battle buses and stink bombs this weekend. It’s a double XP weekend on all of Fortnite’s platforms and the shopping cart returned for Week 9 challenges. Playground mode was delayed to next week and replaced by a 50 versus 50 limited-time mode instead.

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