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Fortnite Founder’s Pack Skins: See The Two Exclusive New Outfits

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Epic Games is currently celebrating Fortnite’s 1st birthday with new challenges that will unlock emotes, sprays, and bling. However, it’s also offering some extra skins to those that have been with the game from the very start. Fortnite originally launched with just the mode that is now known as Save the World, and was available to purchase as a Founder’s Pack. When the Battle Royale mode was later launched, those that had purchased the Founder’s Pack were promised some free skins, and almost a year later they’ve materialised.

If you purchased the Fortnite Founder’s Pack, when you jump into Battle Royale will be greeted with a notification informing you that you have new cosmetics. These include Legendary Warpaint and Rose Team Leader outfit, which are available to use now. You can take a look at images of the new skins below.

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These new skins were released as part of the Fortnite 5.10 update, which also includes the aforementioned birthday challenges. There’s three challenges in total, and while the first two are fairly straightforward, the third requires a little bit of legwork. To make things a bit easier for you, we have a Fortnite 1st Birthday Challenges guide. Using that, you’ll be able to get those emotes, skins, sprays, and bling in no time.

The new update also brings back the Playground LTM, which was introduced to give players a low-pressure place to hone their skills and experiment with friends. For its return, Epic Games has made a few changes, such as adding new team select options and also letting squads set up team battles for practice and training. Additionally, the Compact SMG has been added to Battle Royale, you can read about that and much more in our detailed Fortnite update 5.01 patch notes story.

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