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Elite Dangerous: September Update — Calling New and Experienced Commanders

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Continuing on with our commitment to support new Commanders entering the galaxy of Elite Dangerous this year, we’re really excited to introduce the September Update which is host to a brand new narrated starter experience, putting new pilots in the cockpit of their first ship, the classic Sidewinder.

Commanders will be guided by Pilots Federation flight instructor, Theo Acosta, through the essentials of pilot training from basic flight controls, travel, combat and docking with a Starport. We’re also pleased to confirm that the narrated experience is available in all Elite Dangerous supported languages too.

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Elite DangerousElite Dangerous

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This new starter experience will also be added to the existing list of training simulations, found on the internal panel of the Commanders cockpit,  meaning even the most veteran of pilot can still experience it.

In addition to the new starter experience, we’re also introducing a new in-game virtual currency, ARX, and a refreshed livery system. Console players are already familiar with the concept of Frontier Points, which are purchased with real world currency then exchanged for in-game cosmetics. From the September update these will be rebranded as ARX, and made available across all platforms (including PC) bringing parity to the experience of acquiring cosmetics such as Paint Jobs, Ship Kits, Bobbleheads, and more.

Elite DangerousElite Dangerous

As well purchasing ARX, players will also be able to earn them by simply playing the game. A number of ARX can be earned each week and will be instantly added to a player’s ARX balance to be either spent instantly, or saved for later.

As mentioned earlier, we’ve made improvements to the in-game livery system, as well as adding a new ‘Store’ providing Commanders with even more detailed previews of available customisation options across all ships, as well as giving Commanders the choice of purchasing individual items, as opposed to being limited to bundles of customisation options.

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Elite DangerousElite Dangerous

And finally, we’re excited to share that Commanders will now be able to change the appearance of their ship from the game’s main menu. Previously Commanders out in the black had to wait until safely docked at a port to change their look. Now, their cosmetics are available to them whenever they wish.

We can’t wait to see new pilots becoming fully licenced Commanders, and begin their journey in the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

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