Case Study: Intel Enhances Training With VR, Sees 5-Year ROI of 300%

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Learn all about how the tech juggernaut deployed a scalable, effective VR training solution with the help of VIVE Enterprise & Advantage.

Intel Virtual Electrical Safety Recertification Course, Powered by VIVE

A look at Intel’s Virtual Electric Recertification Course. Why virtualize this course? Electrical accidents are considered one of the deadliest workplace accidents—only 1/10 of an amp is all it takes to stop a human heart. Between 2015-2017, there were 24 electrical incidents at Intel with just as many near-misses. This translated to over one million dollars in cost, making it an ideal test case for virtual training.

What kind of return on investment can you expect with VR? Ask Intel. With VIVE’s Enterprise’s help, the tech juggernaut launched a virtual Electrical Safety Recertification course estimated to have a 300% ROI over five years in one of the strongest business cases to date for the emerging technology.

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