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EA details FIFA 14 PS4 & Xbox One upgrades

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FIFA 14 is out on September 24th in North America, but the next-gen releases won’t hit until November, as it’s also an XBOX One and PS4 launch title.

So, if you pick up the game for current gen but want to continue the experience on the next generation consoles, take a look at the incentives EA is offering:


Microsoft Offers

• GameStop – Purchase FIFA 14 within the first 30 days of release and receive a $50 trade-in credit when you upgrade to the Xbox One version.

• Best Buy – Purchase FIFA 14 on Xbox 360 before October 26, and get a Best Buy gift card with a minimum $40 value when you trade it in and purchase FIFA 14 on Xbox One before December 31.

• Amazon – Receive $25 bonus credit on top of a trade-in value of at least $25 when you upgrade FIFA 14 from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

• Future Shop – Trade in your current-gen FIFA 2014 and get a $60 credit when the Xbox One version launches later this fall.

PlayStation Offers

• Future Shop – Trade in your current-gen FIFA 2014 and get a $60 credit when the PS4 version launches later this Fall. See retailer page for details.

Official Source: http://www.vg247.com/2013/09/14/fifa-14-next-gen-upgrade-incentives-listed-for-north-america/


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