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How to cut your Pizza perfectyl, with formula!

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Basic assumptions

Quantities of topping and base. We assume that the same pizza recipe is being
used at all times, so that the total quantity of dough and total quantity of topping
remain constant.
Shape. We assume the pizza is circular although, of course, no pizza is a perfect
Edge. We assume that an edge is left around the pizza topping. Following some
experiments, we assume that it is proportional to the thickness of the pizza—we prefer
to leave a bigger edge when the base is thicker. Perhaps this is because the topping
has further to fall off.
Median bite. We assume that more than half of the bites will come from the centre
of the pizza, that is, a part not including the edge. This is a reasonable assumption
for all but very small pizzas. Thus a median bite will be from a part of the pizza not
including the edge.




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