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Pizza Box Becomes a Functional Projector, Use your Smartphone to watch Movies everywhere!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Pizza Hut Hong Kong wanted a unique way to promote their ‘double pizza’ promotion, so they hired Ogilvy & Mather to create a special box that doubles as a functional projector. To use, simply remove the pizzas, punch out the projection hole, turn up the screen brightness and place your phone on the included stand […]

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Pizza Hut sold $1 million in pizzas in four months thanks to Xbox 360 app

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pizza Hut announced that it sold $1 million worth of pizza through its Xbox 360 app in just 4 months. That’s around 166,667 P’Zones or 200,000 orders of breadsticks. The app, which launched in April last year, allows you to order food from the delivery chain directly through your console.

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How to cut your Pizza perfectyl, with formula!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Basic assumptions Quantities of topping and base. We assume that the same pizza recipe is being used at all times, so that the total quantity of dough and total quantity of topping remain constant. Shape. We assume the pizza is circular although, of course, no pizza is a perfect circle. Edge. We assume that an […]