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Coming Soon to Infinity: Abode 2 & Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR

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Dying to know what titles are launching in Infinity next? Welcome to your monthly update for all things related to your Infinity library. Here you’ll get updates on what’s coming up, what you might have missed last month, and what you should play before it’s too late.

Dazzling animated films, challenging puzzles, and fitness-focused experiences are all making their way to Infinity in February. From classics just now joining the Infinity lineup to brand new releases, a diverse roster awaits your attention this month. So let’s get started!

Launching in February:

Star Shelter by Overflow Games

Stranded in space, you’ll need to scavenge, craft and hack as you fight to survive in Star Shelter. Learn how to forage for materials, generate power, grow plants, and conserve oxygen all to stay alive and repair a broken spaceship to escape your cosmic prison.

Abode and Abode 2 by Overflow Games

A keen eye can sometimes be your most powerful weapon. You’ll need to investigate the neo-noir surroundings of these escape rooms to solve puzzles and restore power to the city. Inspect every detail to gather clues, unveil hidden secrets, and solve the puzzles of both Abode and Abode 2. 

Failspace by Hipfire Games 

Work in tandem with your co-pilots as you navigate everything space has to throw at you. Complete cargo missions solo or with friends in a galactic adventure that will put your teamwork skills to the test as you work to preserve your spaceship and complete your deliveries.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR by Ultimate Games

Grab your bait and grab your tackle, the fish are biting in Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR! Head to beautiful and diverse locations across the world and reel in the catch of the day. Select the best equipment and bait for each environment to guarantee a prize-winning catch.

Carly and the Reaperman – Escape from the Underworld by Odd Raven Studios

Scamper from platform to platform while avoiding dangers and solving puzzles. Help Carly and the Reaperman race to the finish line and escape the Underworld! Control both characters or play with a friend in this multiplayer adventure.

Just Launched Titles: 

With our constantly-updating content library, you may have missed some of these new additions from January:

Gloomy Eyes Vol. 3 by ARTE Experience

The third and final chapter of this animated love story is now exclusively available for Infinity. Narrated by Golden Globe©-nominated actor Colin Farrell, it tells the heartwarming yet bittersweet story of young love that transcends life and death. With wonderfully expressive animation and innovative VR enabled storytelling techniques, it will make you smile, even as you tear up.

Conductor by Overflow Games

An action-adventure puzzle game based in the post-industrial apocalypse, you’ll take control of a locomotive as you try and outrun the forces of Overcorp. Solve unique puzzles at each station to clear obstacles and keep your train on track.

Deisim by Myron Software

A modern take on the classic god game genre, Deisim asks you to build up an entire world from scratch as you take your population from the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution. Control everything from resources to natural disasters as you keep the fate of your population in your godly hands.

Leaving Infinity Soon:

When one door opens, another one closes. Despite the great new lineup for February, we still hate to see some of our favorite titles leave Infinity. Grab this opportunity to try before you buy in Infinity while you have the chance.


The ultimate FPS for VR where time only moves when you move. In SUPERHOT you must balance quick moves with cautious restraint for a one of a kind VR experience. Make sure to add SUPERHOT VR  to your library and play today if you’ve been meaning to give this popular title a try!

That’s a wrap for our upcoming Infinity programming! Check our social channels for additional new releases throughout the month and come back in a few weeks to find out what’s coming up in March.

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