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Castlevania Season 2 Has A New Trailer, Watch It Here

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Ghosts, goblins, and vampires, oh my! As revealed at SDCC 2018, the Netflix-exclusive anime interpretation of Castlevania has been renewed for a second season. The second season’s first trailer has finally dropped, and you can watch it above.

Castlevania follows Trevor Belmont, the last survivor of the banished monster-hunting family and a man who must stop the rampage of a crazed, love-sick Vlad Dracula Tepes. The first season saw Dracula’s descent into madness and despair over the murder of his wife, and this season will follow him even further into that abyss of grief.

Trevor and his allies from the first season will have to take on Dracula’s madness once again. This time around, Drac’s drunk on power and is seeking to wipe out all of humanity with the aid of his vampire war council.

Richard Armitage, who is the voice actor for Trevor Belmont, previously revealed that Castlevania Season 3 was already in production. “We’re about to record a third,” he said. “The second season hasn’t been aired yet, but we’re about to do a third.”

Unlike the first season, the new episodes will not be directed by Adi Shankar, but instead by Sam Deets, the character designer from the first season. Shankar is still an executive producer, however. The first season, which is four episodes long, is available on Netflix right now; Season 2 will air on October 26.

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