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Vampyr Update Will Add Two New Difficulty Modes

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Dontnod’s latest action game Vampyr is due to see some tweaks in the coming weeks. The 1918 vampire thriller is about to have an update that will optimize the game a bit, as well as add two new gameplay modes for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dontnod has not detailed what optimization tweaks are coming, but we do know that story will see the most changes. The first of the two modes to be added is a more casual version of the standard playthrough. Combat isn’t going to be nearly as intense in this mode, which is called “Story Mode.” The focus here is to get you in and out of the story without having to worry about all the chaos that comes with being a vampire.

The second mode to be added is “Hard Mode.” As the name suggests, combat will be more difficult in this mode than in the standard playthrough. Enemies are tougher, and you won’t get as much experience from killing them. In this mode, you’ll really have to rely on citizens to become more powerful.

We don’t have a date for the update quite yet, but we’re bound to see it soon. For even more of 20th-century doctors turned vampires coverage, check out the first hour of gameplay here, and our Vampyr review here.

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