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Casting Has Started For Netflix’s The Witcher Series

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There are some shows that have hype thrust upon them because no one knows exactly what to expect, but people get excited nonetheless.

Then there are shows that are hyped because they already exist in other formats, and fans just can’t wait to see characters they already know transformed for the screen.

One such show which falls into the latter category, is The Witcher. Already a series of short stories, novels and (perhaps most well-known) video games, the saga is now getting the Netflix treatment, and though details are scarce so far, fans are getting excited.

Written by Andrzej Sapkowski, the first Witcher story came out in 1993 and new instalments have been been released steadily ever since, so there’s a lot of material to go off for the Netflix series.

Lead writer, showrunner and executive producer of the series, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, has been keeping fans on their toes by tweeting snippets of details of the new series.

For example:

She has also shared details of the upcoming casting process that is already underway, Forbes reports.

When auditioning for new shows, actors usually read a script from the show’s pilot episode. However, things are being done a bit differently for The Witcher.

In a series of tweets, Hissrich said:

Let’s talk casting. Yes, I said the magic word! Casting is starting soon, and no, I can’t tell you who our top picks are so don’t ask. But. There is something very important you need to know.

Normally, when casting a show, the casting director pulls character-specific scenes from the pilot script for actors’ auditions. However, because we’re casting internationally (which means lots of emails and self-tapes) and because we know by now the internet keeps no secrets…

The writing staff has instead created entirely new scenes for our main characters. These are written to illustrate the precise tone, vibe, depth, and emotional resonance we need from Geralt and friends… but voila! They are spoiler-free, for us and for you. Which means…

If you start seeing Witcher scenes floating around the internet in the coming weeks — yes, they’re probably real! But no, they won’t give anything away as to the stories we’re telling, or the ways we’re telling them. You’re safe. For now.

And hells yes, his name is Jaskier.

While no actors have officially been linked to the project, it’s clear that things are well under way with the series. And Hissrich’s tweets are doing a good job of keeping eager fans interested.

Netflix itself hasn’t said much about the upcoming adaptation. On their website, however, there is a brief description of the show.

It reads:

The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

And while the page also lists a 2018 release date, an official release date is yet to be confirmed. In fact, it’s more likely to be a little while longer, as Hissrich suggested the show will appear in 2020, but followed it up with ‘Who knows?!’

Whether the series comes sooner or later, the hype is certainly building.

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