Yamaha’s Bike Racing Team Uses Mark One 3D Printers Inside The Pit Box

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The Mark One 3D printers will be installed in the pit box to make it easier to replace parts at the last minute.

The automotive industries have long been using additive manufacturing to prototype car parts or even entire cars. In addition, 3D printers are increasingly being used by competitive racing teams to more swiftly replace broken parts on the tracks.

Now, Mark One, an Italian company that creates professional 3D printers, collaborates with motorsports team GRT Yamaha Official Team WorldSSP to launch a 3D printer inside the pit box.

By installing a 3D printer inside the pit box, GRT Yamaha will be able to print components on demand. Racing bikes often require part replacements at the last minute. The Mark One 3D printer is there help to considerably speed up that process. In addition, the printer is able to customize the parts due to its geometries that allow it to easily match innovative materials, which are directly tested on the race track.

However, the company is not the first to utilize 3D printing for motorsports. Indeed, the McLaren Honda Formula 1 team has previously installed a Stratasys 3D printer to customize parts.

The team has also been taking its 3D printer along to the track on race weekends to be able to quickly fit new parts. This has made it considerably cheaper to fix parts as opposed to having them couriered.

The Mark One printer in action. (Image: Mark One)

The GRT Yamaha Official Team

The GRT Yamaha Official Team competed in Italian and European championships before it joined the WorldSSP Championship. It achieved three titles in a competitive racing class during the 2017 season.

Mirko Giansanti is a former 125 and 250 racer of the GRT Yahama Official Team. He now leads the team in terms of technical and sports direction.

Mark One, on the other hand, prides itself as an innovative company for professional 3D printers. It further provides solutions, support, and materials for additive manufacturing.

The company has made it its mission to support the production and R&D of unique technical materials. In addition, Mark One believes that 3D printing can be used both for prototyping as well as production of parts.

The company has already established industrial collaborations with automotive brands, product designers as well as partners in the medial and aerospace industries.

The Mark One 3D printer (not to be confused with Markforged’s Mark One printer). (Image: Mark One)

Source: Mark One

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