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Blogger 3D Prints Replicas of Collectible Fishing Lures

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Are you a fishing lure collector who doesn’t want to risk losing their collectibles – why not create replicas of your prized possessions using a 3D printer? That’s exactly what fisherman/blogger Hunter Irving did.

Hunter Irving is an avid fishing enthusiast who started a collection of Heddon River Runt fishing lures when he was just six years old. Over the decades he has acquired a dozen of the collectibles, and though he regularly goes fishing, the lures remain safely locked away.

Due to their artistic nature Heddon River Runts lures are prized possessions, so it comes as no surprise that these collectibles are for display purposes only. However, the lures are also extremely useful when fishing, so Irving decided to come up with his own version of the Heddon River Runt lure.

When Irving presented his parents with a 3D printer for Christmas, Irving’s father responded with: “Can you make fishing lures with that thing..?“.

It took a couple of prototypes before the father-son team perfectly replicated a Heddon River Runt of their own. While testing the lure out and recording it’s performance for Irving’s blog, the duo soon learned the effectiveness of their replica, catching “big bass” at an unexpectedly high rate.

Create Your Own Fishing Lure Using Irving’s Method

Irving explains that they wanted to make an accurate 3D replica. The process began with creating a 3D model in Blender. They set up a scene with all angle reference images and traced them to-scale in 3D. Next, they added screw holes and a hollow cavity to add buoyancy.

They printed this version of the fishing lure only to find out they’d forgotten to add tolerances to the screw holes. So, they went back to the drawing board. Thankfully the second prototype was a “winner”.

Irving used a Monoprice Select Mini, printing the lure in approximately an hour. He explains in a blog post that he used hook hangers from a “junker” lure. He also made a brass lip from a 270 WSM bullet casing using a Dremel tool and hand files.

Of course, the replica fishing lure lacks the impressive paint job of the original Heddon River Runt, but Irving’s model boasts one thing the original does not: luminescence. He 3D printed the replica in Hatchbox’s Green Glow in the Dark PLA filament.

Irving adds in his blog post: “To say the thing catches fish is an understatement. After about 30 minutes of fishing, we caught so many that we got tired of taking pictures.

Irving and his father are so taken by 3D printing that they’re now working on other projects using the technology. However, they’re also planning to design and print their own lures. Check out Irving’s blog to find out more.

Source: Hackaday

Fishing Lure

Fishing Lure

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