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Xbox One Weekly Recap: Looking Towards The Future, Killer Deals, And Industry Buzz

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This week’s Xbox One news is all about what’s to come. Although there’s an overwhelming amount of headlines on forthcoming releases, make sure you don’t miss out on this week’s deals and also the industry buzz.

This week, we got confimration the release date for the first episode of Life is Strange Season 2, learned more about E3’s biggest titles such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Cyberpunk 2077, Fallout 76, and Resident Evil 2’s remake. State of Decay 2 was May’s best selling game, and Bioware’s Anthem is showing a promising new direction. Killing Floor 2 is free to play this weekend on Xbox One, and Modern Warfare 3 is now part of the backwards compatibility library.

Forthcoming Releases

Halo Infinite: Everything We Know After E3 2018

Life Is Strange 2: Episode 1 Release Date Revealed

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Doesn’t Have Multiplayer

How Fallout 76 Aims To Stop People From Being Jerks

State Of Decay 2 Was The Best-Selling Game In May 2018

Resident Evil 2 Remake Takes Gore To New Levels Of Gross

Just Cause 4’s Demo Showcases Its Extremely Lethal Weather

Remedy’s Control Taps Into The Dark Side Of Science Fiction

Bethesda’s Starfield Might Not Release On Current-Gen Consoles

Metro Exodus Makes Strides Into A More Challenging Open World

BioWare’s Anthem Shows An Exciting New Direction For The Studio

Battlefield 5’s Battle Royale Mode — DICE Explains How It Happened

Cyberpunk 2077 Is A More Ambitious Game Than You Might Realize

The Division 2 Focuses On The Endgame And Refines Its Core Combat

Dying Light 2 Features A Larger Open World With Greater Consequences

Spyro Reignited Trilogy’s First Gameplay Revealed, And It Looks Gorgeous

Madden 19’s Pre-Game Won’t Address NFL’s Controversial Kneeling Policy

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Director Talks RPG Inspirations And Story Details

Combat In Rage 2 Feels Like Doom, But Its Open World Remains A Mystery

In 2018’s Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, How Much Of A Villain Is Lara Croft?

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is Not Part Of Soulsborne Series, From Software Says

Forza Horizon 4 Includes 450-Plus Cars And Cross-Play Between Xbox One And PC

Jump Force’s Death Note Characters Aren’t Playable, But Are Involved In The Story

Amid PS4 Cross-Play Complaints, Nintendo Touts Switch/Xbox One Support In New Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3 Creator Discusses Dealing With Expectations And The Future Of The Series

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Goes Full RPG With Consequences And Choices, And It’s Better For It

Updates and DLC

New Fortnite Patch 4.4 Launches Soon [Update]

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Adds Free DLC

Blizzard Teases Overwatch’s New Hero Or Map

Call Of Duty: WW2’s New DLC, United Front, Releases Soon For PS4

For Honor’s Upcoming Breach Mode Is Intense And Surprisingly Strategic

Betas and Events

Beyond Good And Evil 2 Beta Launching By End Of Next Year

SGDQ: The Awesome Speedrunning Event Returns This Weekend

Fallout 76 Beta Launches On Xbox One First, Followed By PS4 And PC

Fortnite Season 4: Get Free Battle Pass Star With Week 1 Blockbuster Challenge

Xbox Live

Free PS4 And Xbox One Game To Play This Weekend

Another Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Game Now Out (And It’s On Sale)


Great Deal On An Xbox One In The US

Xbox One: Best Game Deals On Xbox Store Right Now

The Week’s Best Buy Game Sale In The US: PS4, Xbox One, And Switch Deals

The Best Game Deals Of The Week: Steam Sale, Switch, PS4, And Xbox One (US Only)

Some All-Time Low Game Prices At GameStop This Week: PS4, Xbox One, Switch Deals In The US


Kojima Has A Big Fan On Remedy’s Sam Lake

Bethesda Has No Plans For Battle Royale, Pete Hines Says

GameStop Expects “Feeding Frenzy” For PS5 And Next Xbox

PS4 Cross-Play Restrictions Are All About Money, Says Ex-Sony Dev

PUBG Creator Isn’t Concerned With Other Games Doing Battle Royale

You Can Now Buy An Xbox One Gaming Set For Your American Girl Doll

Why Bethesda Turned Its Skyrim Very Special Edition Joke Into A Real Thing

From Software On Why Dark Souls, Bloodborne, And Sekiro Don’t Have Difficulty Options

Single-Player Games “Not Even Close” To Dead, Red Dead Redemption 2 Parent Company Says

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