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Welcome to Echo Arena’s Lobby 2.0!

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Today, Ready At Dawn is launching Echo Arena’s Lobby 2.0—buckle up, this is gonna be good!

Lobby 2.0 features an overall larger space, a dedicated quarter-court Echo Arena practice area, new lobby music (because we all need practice jams), and single-player private matches open to everyone.

As you use this space and practice your skills, you can also activate personal training discs in the lobby’s practice area and before games start in private matches. Use the button on your Arm Computer to recall it to your hand for another throw. Other players can’t see or interact with your personal disc, so you can practice to your heart’s content.

And don’t forget your hardhats—one of the most exciting parts of the update is still under construction …

Stay tuned for more on Echo Combat very soon. And if you haven’t already entered the Echo Games universe, dive into Echo Arena and Lone Echo on Rift today.

Check out Ready At Dawn’s Medium post for greater detail on Lobby 2.0. Have fun checking out the new space—we’ll see you in zero-g!

— The Oculus Team

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