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Vote for the winner of the MLS All-Star Skills Challenge on Twitch

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Calling all soccer fans. And futbal fans too. The MLS needs your help to determine who’s got the best skills in the league and if there’s one thing we know it’s that Twitch Chat has OPINIONS.

On July 30, the MLS is broadcasting some of their best All-Star festivities on Twitch, including the Shooting, Touch and Volley, and Passing competitions. In addition to seeing the best soccer players in the country show off their skills, Twitch Chat will be represented by a celebrity judge at the judges table to weigh in on who should win the Touch and Volley segment. Here’s how the challenge is going to work. You can vote using an extension that will be available on the official /MLS stream and any co-streams, putting you in control of who comes out on top.

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- Werbung -

The challenge works like this: A ball is served to a player who will attempt to score past a goalkeeper. These teams will have six shots to score as many points as they can. Points will be tallied based on how the shot is scored (e.g., bicycle kick, full volley, half volley), and the judges will award one team an extra 20-point bonus for style.

After all three teams have completed the challenge, judges will hold up cards to indicate who they think demonstrated the most style and are most deserving of extra points.

Here’s a full schedule of what you can watch on Twitch:

July 30

– 5:00pm PT: MLS All-Star Challenges begins

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– 5:10pm PT: Shooting Challenge

– 5:30pm PT: Touch and Volley Challenge

– 6:00pm PT: Passing Challenge

It all goes down on /MLS, so make sure to follow and set a reminder when they go live.

Website: LINK

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