VIVE Sync announced to mainstream enterprise VR collaboration

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Developed By Internal 2 Bears Studio, VIVE Sync is to Pilot in December

At a press event in San Francisco yesterday, HTC VIVE announced VIVE Sync, a virtual reality (VR) collaboration and meeting application built specifically for the enterprise. The easy to access and secure Vive Sync has been built for the entire Vive ecosystem, compatible with the Vive, Vive Pro and Vive Focus. By developing this enterprise collaboration tool, HTC Vive is continuing its commitment to bringing premium VR hardware and software solutions to businesses of all sizes. 2 Bears Studio, HTC Vive’s internal development team, will begin selecting pilot partners to integrate Vive Sync into their businesses in December.

Vive Sync is an intuitive VR collaboration tool where internal teams can meet in a virtual shared space, improving communication and productivity amongst organizations. Supporting up to 20 employees simultaneously, teams separated across the globe can meet to share materials, hold discussions, and make real-time collaborative decisions. With dynamic and customizable avatars, individuals will be able to have immersive and realistic interactions with their colleagues no matter where they are in the world. Through Vive Sync, participants are able to easily share materials directly from their server such as standalone videos, presentations, and 2D & 3D assets. In addition, Vive Sync’s 3D drawing capabilities allows users to mark-up and interact with these materials while the ability to easily take screenshots, video recordings and voice to text support promotes continued collaboration outside of the virtual meeting space.

“With our offices located halfway across the world from each other, we built Vive Sync as an internal solution to the many pain points of remote work and collaboration,” said David Sapienza, Executive Director of 2 Bears Studio. “What was most important to us and what separates Vive Sync from other solutions is the persistent emphasis on security and ease of use throughout the application.”

Vive Sync integrates seamlessly into a company’s own infrastructure, ensuring a custom and secure platform. With organizations able to exercise full control over their security, employees can share confidential and sensitive materials freely with their colleagues. In addition, setting up secure meetings in Vive Sync is a simple and intuitive process. Through Outlook Office 365 integration, users can easily set up meetings in Vive Sync through their email while the QR code system capitalizes on the Vive’s front cameras to allow for a simple way to join meeting locations.  

2 Bears Studio will begin accepting partners into its pilot program next month. Additional information on pricing will be released at a later date. For more on Vive for enterprise, please visit:

Website: LINK

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