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Video Shows Futuristic ATV with Airless Tires That Never Go Flat

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Airless tires may not be new, but Polaris has unveiled the first ATV to be equipped with a set of them. It’s called the Sportsman WV850 H.O. all-terrain vehicle, based on the U.S. army’s MV850 ATV, and boasts a reinforced steel exoskeleton capable of towing 1500-pounds.


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According to Gizmodo: “…the ATV’s TerrainArmor tires which Polaris claims can survive a hit from a .50-caliber round and still function just fine for 350 miles. They look similar to airless tires being developed by Bridgestone and Michelin, but there’s no indication they belong to either company, so Polaris might have developed its own. And as for the ATV, it will be available next month for $15,000 in limited quantities.”

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