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Mortal Kombat Armageddon Enhanced Mod for Codebreaker released

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Main Features:

FREE MODE – This Mode let’s P1 choose CPU enemy and Stage like in Practice Mode but you battle instead of practicing. Note that CPU can not be selected as Created Fighter.

Enhanced Kreate-A-Fighter Mode – This one let’s you select any special move and paste it in any slot for your KAF.

NEW HP System – This is the bomb option. It will make health does not replenish between rounds for the winning character until it is drained. The more the rounds you win the more Handicap over the loosing enemy you will have.

Bonus Costumes Mode – This Option is designed for FREE MODE as an add-on. When two same characters battle each other (Ermac vs Ermac) for example with the same costumes P2 will have a different color. Now P1 can choose freely and use these special colors.

Shao Kahn Taunt Fix – Some stupid Mortal Kombat Wikis say Shao Kahn can perform his Taunt Move unlimited times Unlike Deception. This is not true you are limited only 3 times per match. So with this option ON you fix this and you get Unlimited Taunts per match. (Don’t overdo it CPU likes to strike you just as soon as you perform the move.

STRONGER BOSSES – This option makes bosses stronger – They can break combos easily (works for CPU and Human controlled boss characters)

BOSS STAGES OPTION – This option when ON will make bosses fight on specific stages in Arcade Mode.
For Example Blaze will always battle in the Pyramid of Argus no matter if CPU or Human controlled. Shao Kahn will battle in his Throne Room Stage etc. It will not work in FREE MODE.
ENDING ON MOST ARENAS – Now I allowed Blaze to be chosen in “FREE MODE” as an Enemy and defeating him will show you the ending of your character. This will work on most stages but be warned if he is defeated by death trap on some stages the game will lock up.


PS2 with Codebreaker.
USA PREMIUM edition of Mortal Kombat Armageddon (it has Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 in “Extras” Menu)


Copy and paste the codes in Codebreaker or add them manually. I won’t explain how to do that. You use Uncle Google for that or use cb2utility in the link below to edit your “Cheats” file found in mc0/PCB (use UlaunchELF to browse the folder and copy the “Cheats” file in the ROOT of USB device – More – Uncle Google like I said)

– Usage –

MASTERCODE must always be on for the mod to work properly.


This is the only option that sometimes does not work… (Well it’s Codebreaker to blame because it does not read the key that activates it properly).

Select KOMBAT from Main Menu.
Highlight ARCADE, Press and Hold R1 and press X while still holding R1.
Wait until Character Select Screen Appears.

To confirm that you are in Free Mode before selecting a character press R2 to select Stage. If activate the stage select screen will show up and you can select stage then CPU enemy. Once the CPU is defeated the game will revert you back to Character Select Screen.

To disable Free Mode you must go back to MAIN MENU.

ENHANCED Kreate-A-Fighter Mode:

When this is enabled go to Kreate-A-Fighter Mode and go to the screen where you assign special moves to your KAF. Open the list with moves from a slot and press L3 to select this move (Nothing will change in game, but mod engine will do it’s work) now go to the slot where you want the selected move press R3 and then press X. Volla! Your move is assigned there. You can do this on any special move slots even replace Throw Move with a Projectile Attack move for example It’s all your choice. And if ONLINE was possible today…


This is the only MULTI-option based hack. You need not only activate the “NEW HP System Main” but “HP P1” and “HP P2” as well to make this work. Just activate all of these three at once if you want the system to work properly.


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