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Turn your Nintendo Switch into a mini arcade cabinet!

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch
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People with 3D printers make the world a fun, wonderful place.Turn your Nintendo Switch into a mini arcade cabinet!

An engineer who goes by “ConcaveChest” created an enclosure for the Nintendo Switch that doubles as a cooling stand and a sweet-looking mini arcade cabinet. The design is available to check out and download for free on Thingiverse.

The Switch cabinet allows you to sit your Switch console in a perfectly angled position to play on a table (let’s face it, the little Switch kickstand isn’t always the most reliable piece of plastic) and charge it at the same time — a feature that’s not normally possible considering the charging port is located on the bottom of the console.

ConcaveChest lists the parts necessary to enable charging of both the Switch console and a controller, though of course the case itself requires a 3D printer.

Once the case is printed and the charging parts put in, the Switch console can slide in and out of it.

Source: http://mashable.com/2017/08/17/nintendo-switch-arcade-cabinet/#to_LXINfuZqC

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