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This Portal 2 fan created his own Space Core

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This Portal 2 fan created his own Space Core

Arduino TeamDecember 6th, 2019

Portal 2 is one of RobotsWithRyan’s favorite games, so he — of course — decided to build his own personality core character from this title

His Space Core is 3D-printed from a model that he found online, scaled up by 300% to fit the electronics inside, including an Arduino Uno and eight servo actuators. As with many projects, there was barely enough room to fit the electrical components, but as seen in the video below, it looks delightfully glitchy.

The Arduino controls the servo-driven eye movement and is linked to a smartphone over Bluetooth for remote operation. A second phone is integrated into the moving eye section, which displays an image of the personality core’s iris, and plays game quotes through its music app.

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Written by Quad Oner


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