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There’s A New, Problem With The iPhone 6 Selfie Camera!

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Hundreds of iPhone 6 customers are complaining that their phone’s front-facing “selfie” camera is becoming misaligned.

The front-facing camera seems to be liable to moving within its housing, which results in a grey crescent shape appearing on the right side of the camera.

You can see the problem in the photo above. There’s a barely perceptible grey area showing through where the camera seems to have shifted slightly to the left.

People all over the internet are experiencing the same problem.


A Reddit thread titled “Is your iPhone 6 front-facing camera misaligned?” has more than 150 comments. The replies are almost all variations on “Mine has the exact same issue” and “Same.” Currently, almost none of the users complaining about it say it actually impacts the photos being taken. In other words, if the thing still works there is no need to replace it — it’s just cosmetic.


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