The 14 Best Budget VR Headsets for iOS and Android in 2017

VR Headsets
VR Headsets
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VR headsets that hold your iOS and Android smartphone will go from strength to strength in 2017

An increasing number of people seem to be catching onto the fact that VR apps for Android and iOS smartphones are glorious fun, so we’ve decided to put together a buyer’s guide to 13 best budget VR headsets.

Or perhaps a better description of the sector may be ‘enhanced smartphone holders’. Because at these price points, none of the VR headsets reviewed have any of their own onboard sensors, apart from the Samsung Gear VR.

Instead all but one rely on the processors, gyroscopes and motion sensors of the smartphones themselves. So the rule of thumb is: the better specced you smartphone, the smoother and more immersive your virtual reality experience

Don’t go in with expectations held too high, however. Consumer VR hardware and software is very much in its infancy, and these products provide just an inkling of the immersive potential of virtual reality. That said you can find loads of fun and fascinating games and ‘experiences’ for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

And these VR headsets also make great viewers for the growing range of 3D 360° movies that can be found on YouTube.

Read on for our list of the very best budget VR headsets, featuring the likes of Samsung, Google Cardboard, Bobo, Freefly, View-Master, Fiit VR, Merge, Homido VR, IncrediSonic, Habor, Pasonomi and Tepoinn.

Note: if you are looking for more information on Android-only VR headsets, check out our companion piece Google Daydream vs Google Cardboard.

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