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The Valkyrie Rides into Battle in Black Desert on Xbox One

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  • The Valkyrie takes up her sword and shield and rides into the world of Black Desert on Xbox One.
  • In the free content update, our team has added this new character class with an even balance of offensive and defensive abilities.
  • In addition, we’ve created the Alchemy Stone item to boost the abilities of your character.

The Valkyrie is one of Elion’s chosen warriors and uses her weapon to pierce through her foes with overwhelming power! She’s a perfect fit for players that enjoy having offensive skills while still being able to defend themselves with their shield. Her magical abilities add even more variety for combat on the battlefield.

The Valkyrie can use her Celestial Spear attack to call down the wrath of the god Elion, knocking enemies to the floor through its sheer force. The Judgement of Light is also a powerful ability that can change the course of a battle – Valkyrie summons a huge blast from the sky, dealing incredible damage and causing enemies to bounce up into the air.

Alchemy Stones are a new item that give buffs to your character at regular intervals after you equip them. There is no limit to how many different types you can carry, but as you can only equip one at a time, the big choice is in which you choose to equip.

Everyone has different combat styles, and that translates to different Alchemy Stones. Here, you can choose from different buff types, including Destruction (offense), Protection (defense) and Life (life skills). It’s best to choose the type that best suits your play style!

Alchemy Stones can be purchased from the Central Market, but if you want to take things into your own hands, they can also be crafted as long as the Alchemy Tool is installed in your residence. We hope you have a blast crafting Alchemy Stones and mixing and matching them among your different characters for cool results!

Black Desert is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store and with Xbox Game Pass. Click here for additional information and purchase details.

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