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Take on Your Own Evolutionary Journey in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, Available Now on Xbox One

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  • Visit the dawn of humankind with the same mission our ancestors had: live to see another day
  • Immerse yourself in a savage and lush open world set in Neogene Africa, 10 million years ago
  • Senses, intelligence, communication, and motricity help you navigate through the fray

Today, Panache Digital Games, an indie studio of 35 vivid minds, proudly brings its first game Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey to the Xbox One.

Visit the dawn of humankind
with the same mission our ancestors had millions of years ago: live to see
another day. Better, stronger, together.


Immerse yourself in an
experience like no other, a third-person adventure game in a savage and lush
open world set in Neogene Africa, 10 million years ago. Your goal: to survive
as a tribe, as a species in a dangerous environment where adversity and progress
loom at every corner.

In a novel twist, game
mechanics are built around the core functions of what makes us all human. Senses,
intelligence, communication and motricity inspired systems help you navigate
through the fray and go from the fear of the unknown to the exhilaration of


The game was designed to
let you freely experiment and explore. By using each button on your controller
mapped to one of these functions you will grow and unlock new abilities, pass
them down to your offspring and evolve as a species to become a mightier
version of your previous self. It’s your story to tell. It’s your tale to
unfold, between the frailty of life and the will to overcome even the harshest
of conditions.

Since day one of conception,
putting you in the driver’s seat has been part of the game’s DNA. Encouraging
you, the player, to think outside the box. The goal: to push you out of your comfort
zone and into an unfamiliar territory, rewarding creativity, ingenuity and raw
courage. As we say in the opening of the game, “we won’t help you much” and
that distinctive approach towards becoming Homo Ergaster will see you finding solutions
to fighting vicious predators and inventing more efficient tools to resolve the
challenges of life as a pre-human individual.


We hope you take chances.
We hope you surprise yourself. We hope you evolve in remarkable ways and become
what you long to be. And perhaps compare your own journey to the actual
scientific one and trump the odds in your favor.

Evolution is a process.
Make it yours.

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