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Take a Look at the HTC VIVE Cosmos and Let Your Imagination Soar with Immersive Virtual Reality Magic

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The imagination is a powerful tool. Imagination can be the catalyst for new ideas, it can be the bridge to new worlds and experiences. It can be a beacon of inspiration and action. Imagination is unique while at the same time shared by all. Most importantly, imagination is an owned and sacred trait. But, what if you want others to share in your imagination? What if others want you to experience their imagination?

How can you take something so vivid in your mind and make it real for others?

Well, that was a core question that drove the development of HTC VIVE. A group of passionate individuals who all asked the same question, “How do we make imagination real?” With the goal of making imagination real, HTC VIVE was born as we set upon creating tangible experiences from the dreams and ideas of developers, artists, tinkerers, movie makers, and so many more.

Five years later, that question is still at the foundation of every VR device we develop. Though now, through the advancement of technology, we’ve been able to diversify our VR lineup to meet the specific needs of individuals and their imaginations. We have VR solutions that help scientists splice the atom, ones that help map the universe, we have virtual reality kits that bring the rest of the world to students who have never traveled outside their villages; and yes, we even have ones that put you face to face with a horde of angry zombies. But, if you’re new to VR how do you know which kit is right for you and your imagination?

We’d like to introduce you to VIVE Cosmos, our most versatile headset to date. VIVE Cosmos is packed with the most advanced virtual reality technology, yet easy enough to just pop on and let your imagination run wild. In fact, if you ever need a break from your imagination, just flip up the front to take a breather. But, VIVE Cosmos doesn’t just have to be for you, its ergonomic fit and halo design means it can be easily shared with friends and family, so you can have them share in the experience of what fuels your imagination. And, due to its versatility, VIVE Cosmos can offer a host of immersive experiences, from casual gaming to productivity, to videos; VIVE Cosmos is a tremendous first step into the world of VR.

As powerful and versatile was when it first launched, VIVE Cosmos continues to grow and offer more immersive experiences through our periodic updates, ensuring you will always be on the forefront of virtual reality technology and have a seamless experience.

  • VIVE Cosmos will soon be receiving an upgrade to DirectX 12 for Nvidia GPUs and while that may not mean much, it gives your computer’s CPU an average of 15-20% improvement; now you can fly through the universe even faster.

  • But, that was only the start. Latency, the process at which your movement in real-life transfers to movement in your headset is very important – you don’t want you disconnected from reality for the wrong reasons – so we optimized frame timings offering 10% better latency.
  • We also know the hallmark of a great VR experience is in the details, so we refactored our runtime which improves your computer’s graphics processing by 10%, allowing you to see every detail.
  • Lastly, we want you to be safe while your imagination is whisked away to a far-off realm, so we created a new chaperone to passthrough behavior in order to reduce interruptions, but still keep you safe.
  • In addition to the great features mentioned above, if you find yourself in the mood to tinker, we will soon be releasing beta access to OpenXR, offering you an opportunity to let your imagination turn to action. OpenXR support will also be coming to VIVE Wave later this year. Check out our social media channels for more information as it becomes available.

As the real cosmos is seemingly unending, we are also continuing to improve upon the already (inter)stellar features of the VIVE Cosmos, ensuring your imagination never goes uninterrupted. If you would like to learn more about VIVE Cosmos, check more details here

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