Gladys Project: a Raspberry Pi home assistant

Reading Time: 4 minutes If, like me, you’re a pretty poor time-keeper with the uncanny ability to never get up when your alarm goes off and yet still somehow make it to work just in time — a little dishevelled, brushing your teeth in the office bathroom — then you too need Gladys. Raspberry Pi home assistant Over the…… Continue reading Gladys Project: a Raspberry Pi home assistant

BitBarista: a fully autonomous corporation

Reading Time: 3 minutes To some people, the idea of a fully autonomous corporation might seem like the beginning of the end. However, while the BitBarista coffee machine prototype can indeed run itself without any human interference, it also teaches a lesson about ethical responsibility and the value of quality. BitBarista Bitcoin coffee machine that engages coffee drinkers in…… Continue reading BitBarista: a fully autonomous corporation

Hacker House’s gesture-controlled holographic visualiser

Reading Time: 3 minutes YouTube makers Hacker House are back with a beautiful Flick-controlled holographic music visualiser that we’d really like to have at Pi Towers, please and thank you. Make a Holographic Audio Visualizer with Gesture Control Find all the code and materials on: A 3D holographic audio visualizer with gesture control can definitely spice up your…… Continue reading Hacker House’s gesture-controlled holographic visualiser

Raspberry Pi Halloween projects 2017

Reading Time: 3 minutes Come with us on a journey to discover the 2017 Raspberry Pi Halloween projects that caught our eye, raised our hair, or sent us screaming into the night. Happy Halloween Whether you’re easily scared or practically unshakeable, you can celebrate Halloween with Pi projects of any level of creepiness. Even makers of a delicate constitution…… Continue reading Raspberry Pi Halloween projects 2017

The Poplawski’s Holiday Frights

Reading Time: 2 minutes After becoming internet-famous for their interactive Christmas lights, the Poplawskis have expanded their festive offerings this year with Holiday Frights, a fiendish collection of spooky decor controlled by a Raspberry Pi. The Poplawskis’ holiday lights Full of lights and inflatable decorations sprawling across the front lawn, the annual pi-powered Poplawski Christmas setup is something we…… Continue reading The Poplawski’s Holiday Frights

Ben’s Raspberry Pi Twilight Zone pinball hack

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Ben North was faced with the dilemma of his nine-year-old son wanting him to watch his pinball games while, at the same time, Ben should be doing housework, he came up with a brilliant hack. Ben decided to investigate the inner workings of his twenty-year-old Twilight Zone pinball machine to convert its score display…… Continue reading Ben’s Raspberry Pi Twilight Zone pinball hack

Twitter makers love Halloween

Reading Time: 2 minutes Halloween is almost upon us! In honour of one of the maker community’s favourite howlidays, here are some posts from enthusiastic makers on Twitter to get you inspired and prepared for the big event. Lorraine’s VR Puppet Lorraine Underwood on Twitter Using a @Raspberry_Pi with @pimoroni tilt hat to make a cool puppet for #Halloween…… Continue reading Twitter makers love Halloween

Derek Woodroffe’s steampunk tentacle hat

Reading Time: 3 minutes Halloween: that glorious time of year when you’re officially allowed to make your friends jump out of their skin with your pranks. For those among us who enjoy dressing up, Halloween is also the occasion to go all out with costumes. And so, dear reader, we present to you: a steampunk tentacle hat, created by…… Continue reading Derek Woodroffe’s steampunk tentacle hat

N O D E’s Handheld Linux Terminal

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fit an entire Raspberry Pi-based laptop into your pocket with N O D E’s latest Handheld Linux Terminal build. The Handheld Linux Terminal Version 3 (Portable Pi 3) Hey everyone. Today I want to show you the new version 3 of the Handheld Linux Terminal. It’s taken a long time, but I’m finally finished. This…… Continue reading N O D E’s Handheld Linux Terminal

Sean Hodgins’ Haunted Jack in the Box

Reading Time: 3 minutes After making a delightful Bitcoin lottery using a Raspberry Pi, Sean Hodgins brings us more Pi-powered goodness in time for every maker’s favourite holiday: Easter! Just kidding, it’s Halloween. Check out his hair-raising new build, the Haunted Jack in the Box. Haunted Jack in the Box – DIY Raspberry Pi Project This project uses a…… Continue reading Sean Hodgins’ Haunted Jack in the Box

BrailleBox: Android Things Braille news display

Reading Time: 2 minutes Joe Birch has built a simple device that converts online news stories to Braille, inspired by his family’s predisposition to loss of eyesight. He has based his BrailleBox on Android Things, News API, and a Raspberry Pi 3. The background Braille is a symbol system for people with visual impairment which represents letters and numbers…… Continue reading BrailleBox: Android Things Braille news display

Low-tech Raspberry Pi robot

Reading Time: 2 minutes Robot-builder extraordinaire Clément Didier is ushering in the era of our cybernetic overlords. Future generations will remember him as the creator of robots constructed from cardboard and conductive paint which are so easy to replicate that a robot could do it. Welcome to the singularity. Bare Conductive on Twitter This cool robot was made with…… Continue reading Low-tech Raspberry Pi robot

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