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Stunning 3D Printed Cathedral of St James in Transparent Resin

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Croatian company Vectrino used 3D printing to create a replica of the Šibenik Cathedral of St James, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for a new exhibition.

A new multimedia centre is opening in Šibenik, Croatia which will provide information for visitors about the city’s cathedral. And 3D printing plays a big part in providing visitors with a detailed insight into its construction.

The technology has long proven useful for creating prototypes and architectural models. And in this case, the result is stunning to behold; a transparent replica of Šibenik Cathedral of St. James created by 3D printing company Vectrino.

The company used transparent resin to 3D print the cathedral so that visitors can peer inside the model. The new permanent exhibition will provide visitors with details on how the cathedral came to be.

The resulting print renders this architectural achievement from the 15th and 16th century in perfect detail. It’s no wonder the cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“The building was built over a period of 105 years, and is a testimony to the determination, sacrifice and belief of the generations of inhabitants of Šibenik,” explains Josip Rukavina, director of the design and measurement process of the Cathedral.

Creating an Interactive, Modern Museum at the Cathedral of St James

The coordinators of the project wanted to create a modern museum which was interactive. The transparent resin print of the cathedral allows visitors to see all of the changes which took place during the 105 years.

In fact, the first construction of the cathedral was Venetian Gothic style. But this has changed over the years, and it’s now classed as Tuscan Renaissance.

Francesco di Giacomo, Georgius Mathei Dalmaticus and Niccolò di Giovanni Fiorentino were three masters behind the cathedral. The museum will show each of the three stages.

To measure the cathedral, Vectrino used laser scanning and 3D photogrammetry technologies. These methods made it possible to get enough accurate data to print in a 1:100 scale replica. They built a virtual model using AutoCAD software before printing the cathedrals.

The three prints show off each of the separate styles. However, when it came to printing the Gothic style cathedral, Vectrino had a lot more work on their hands. They made this model manually in 3D from sketches of the cathedral.

Although the 3D prints are not life-size, they manage to capture and show off the cathedral extremely well. Check out the Vectrino website to find out about the company.

Source: i.Materialise

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