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Fortnite Made $1.5 Million In Just Four Days

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Fortnite has only just recently been made available as a mobile app, but the Battle Royale has already made its developers a huge amount of money.

The game is already topping the charts, and that’s without it being available for purchase for everyone, and it’s made $1.5 million in just four days, according to Sensor Tower.

The game has made such a fortune because of in-app purchases, which totalled $1 million in the first three days alone.

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The purchases were made to enhance the characters with better outfits, transport or weapons, so it’s completely understandable why gamers would want to use the purchases to improve their gaming experience.

But what is absolutely mind-blowing is that this amount of money was made as a result of purchases from people who already owned the game on console.

There’s a lot of money floating about on Fortnite, and you yourself can make a bit of cash by playing the insanely popular game.

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We are truly living the modern millennial dream. You can now get paid to play FortniteFIFA and Call of Duty.

To make money though, you have to be really good. In order to make the cut need to have won 25 games, only then will you reap the rewards.

The service works like this: Struggling players post ads on Bidvine requesting help with specific aspects of the game, at which point eligible coaches bid for the job to train them.


Disclaimer: Selling your services through Bidvine does come with a cost. It’s a free to join service, but you do need to buy ‘bid credits’ in order to offer your services to a client – or bid for the job – and they cost £1 plus VAT for a credit.

Bidvine guarantees that if you don’t get hired from your first credit bundle purchase, they will match your commitment and put those credits back into your Bidvine account, so you can give the platform another go.

Russ Morgan, co-founder of Bidvine, told the Mirror:

We know how popular Fortnite has become since its release, and we’re hoping that our service will help out those of us who never quite finish first.

With Fortnite there is a definite need for tactical guidance, whether you choose to fight or hide, you’ve got to have a plan – so why not hire a Pro Buddy to help you?

Despite the hype around the game, there are risks from scammers who are tricking people into handing over cash for fake iPhone download codes.

One apparent scammer known as ‘Haziario’ is using a photoshopped photo of an iPhone screen that has been made to look like the Fortnite app is already installed:

Including links to a PayPal email address, the Twitter user asked for $3 per code.

Another user posted a similar photo along with their PayPal details asking for $10 for a code.

Now the game is released officially on iOS though, the scam isn’t much risk to anyone, but it’s still worth knowing.

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