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Spider-Man PS4 ”Turf Wars” DLC Confirmed With New Villain, Coming This Month

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Considering that Insomniac Games planned to release all three of its downloadable content packs for Marvel’s Spider-Man before year’s end, we figured it wouldn’t be long before we heard about the next pack that would be following last month’s The Heist. And now we have.

A new report from IGN indicates that the next downloadable content for the game will be called Turf Wars, and it’ll be set for release this month, on November 20.

Based on a listing that previously popped up on Reddit, the description for the DLC reads, “Butt heads with Hammerhead in the new DLC, The City That Never Sleeps: Turf Wars. Available Nov. 20 in the PlayStation Store.”

Neither Insomniac Games nor Sony have officially announced the DLC yet, but considering it’s less than two weeks away from release, we’ll more than likely see the ball rolling on it any day now. You can see this image below.

IGN confirmed the content with its own copy of the game, and after giving it a look, I can safely say the same. Looks like the adventure will continue in just a few more days — and with Hammerhead in tow, nevertheless!

It looks like Hammerhead’s ties with organized crime will play a part in the storyline, just as it has done within Marvel’s main shared universe in the comics. The character initially made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #113 back in October 1972, bringing with him a rather large noggin that can make him a real headache to some. He belongs to the Hammerhead Family, a Maggia crime family that will no doubt have residence in the city to some degree.

As for his reshaped skull, it was put back together using an unbendable steel alloy following an injury — thus the headache portion of his persona.

And we get a good look at an in-game image of Hammerhead in the screen above. It’s not highly detailed, but it’s easy to make out the scars in his forehead. And there’s no question that if he manages to headbutt our friendly neighborhood web-slinger, he’ll be knocked back for a loop. (Or maybe a hospital stay.)

We should know more details about the DLC very soon, complete with a debut trailer that features Hammerhead in action!

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