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Sony’s new PS4 Pro quietly fixes its noise problems

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While the PS4 Pro might be the most powerful console on Sony’s roster, it doesn’t come without drawbacks. Initial launch units of the PS4 Pro get notoriously loud, especially when playing newer games like Spider-Man, God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2. Sony has been quietly revising the PS4 Pro over the last couple of years to eliminate the issue and the latest version seems to do a pretty good job of it.

The latest PS4 Pro ships with the model number ‘CUH-7200’, which the second revised PS4 Pro on the market. According to tests conducted by Digital Foundry, this new version brings noise levels down from 50dB/55dB to 44dB/48dB, with the trade off being slightly higher temperatures. The launch PS4 Pro would top out at 60 degrees Celsius, meanwhile the CUH-7200 revision tops out at 66 degrees Celsius.

Right now, this new PS4 Pro revision appears to only be shipping with Sony’s Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle but as we get closer to the holiday shopping season, we will likely see these pop up in new bundles and as standalone machines.

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